This is a modern first-person shooter with millions of fans around the world.
Four unique classes with special skills, teamwork, exciting PVE missions and full–fledged raids, various PVP modes with dozens of cards.
lead generation
01. task

The main region for the game was and remains Russia.

And due to external events, the advertiser lost the opportunity to advertise through Google and YouTube, it was a significant share of video traffic.

It was necessary to compensate the loss of volumes and to find channels that will attract players at an affordable price.

02. our approach

For the beginning our team agreed on target indicators for the project: Post-click and Post-view conversions from advertising channels.

After we connected lead feedback to digitalfrontier.net advertising platform and launched tests on various platforms.

All traffic from programmatic integrations was immediately weeded out, as it was validated by primary indicators (VTR, CTR, anti-fraud), but had almost no effect on Post-click and Post-view.
Next, we excluded sites with predominantly female traffic and determined the topics of sites in which both male gender and gaming interests predominate.
The video format was chosen only in-stream.

We adjusted the required amount of traffic with maximum coverage to the budget of the project, and then the account manager with a traffic analyst built a schedule for monitoring the indicators. The effectiveness of the campaigns satisfied the advertiser and the project went on-going.

03. the result
According to Post-click, our companies showed the effectiveness of video traffic several times more than other agencies. After measuring the Post-view impact on other advertising formats, the advertiser confirmed the full profitability of the project, and at the moment we are gradually expanding traffic channels and connecting new video advertising formats.