esprit games

a Russian publisher and browser game localizer specializing in importing foreign projects. The company was founded in 2014 and since then has been releasing games with machine-gun speed. outside of social networks, Esprit Games has its own game portal, where all projects live in one big and friendly family.
01. task

The publisher launched a new game: Heroes of the Sword in the Russian region.

It was interesting to test the In-stream video format at online cinemas, in comparison with other channels used in the RU region.

Incoming KPIs from the client were ROAS indicators:

02. our approach

It was determined with the client that the main target audience of the project is mostly men aged 18 to 35 who are into games.

We integrated with the AppsFlayer tracking system and set up forwarding postbacks to the platform for the necessary events (installation, first login, payment within the application).

We selected a pool of sites with the most relevant audience for this project.

The first stage of the AC (1-2 days) was the flow of traffic across all sites in the selected pool in order to obtain statistically significant data on conversions.
The second stage is traffic optimization according to various criteria: site id, mobile devices, OS versions, regions, etc

Primary optimization helped reduce CPI by 50%.

Further, the campaign was optimized online, focusing on CPI and the ROAS data accumulated by that time of the first cohorts of users.

03. the result
The ROAS indicator for our AC turned out to be about 2 times better than the initially designated KPIs.